Midland Arts Association January 2018 Newsletter


Election for 2018 Board of Directors

The election of a new Board of Directors occurred at the Annual December Meeting.

The New Officers are:

President – Leslie Slaughter
Vice President – Olga Nedorub
Secretary – Barbara Koch
Treasurer – Amy Randolph

The new Directors are:

Catherine Allen
Liz Culp
Barbara Koch
Aaron Williamson

The new Media/Internet Technology Chairman is Aaron Williamson, and Sandra Elliott is the new Membership Chair. Jean Hoelscher continues as the Newsletter and Publicity Chairperson.
Membership dues have been raised by the Board of Directors after many years of no increases. The 2018 Membership Drive is underway, and new activities for the year are already planned by Olga Nedorub.

New Board Members (from left to right): Leslie Slaughter, Sandra Elliott, Liz Culp, Aaron Williamson, Sue Daniel (who curates the Shared Spaces exhibitions for the MAA), Olga Nedorub, Barbara Koch, and Amy Randalph. Not pictured are Catherine Allen And Jean Hoelscher.

MAA Wins Grant from the Rea Charitable Trust

Exciting news greeted the Board of Directors when then-Treasurer Olga Nedorub shared the
announcement that the Rea Charitable Trust has granted the MAA $50,000 towards its Mural
Project! This is a major undertaking by the Midland Arts Association, and the Board feels that the project will benefit downtown Midland and all of its citizens and visitors.

As shown in the Summer 2017 Newsletter, the conceptual work has already been done by our mural artist Stylle Read. The design incor-porates many historic aspects of Midland; from the arrival of the railroad and early flight, to the oil industry and cotton farming, as well as newer
cultural additions to the Permian Basin.

A committee is working to complete funding for this project . For more information you may
contact Olga Nedorub at nedorub@mail.ru or Leslie Slaughter at leslie.slaughter@gmail.com
Photos of the project are on our website in the Summer 2017 Newsletter at www.maatx.org.

During the Holiday Party in December, a Silent Auction of artworks donated by MAA Board Members raised some $500! Next year perhaps this simple event could be even more successful.

Donor Letter Raises Funds

Thanks to the efforts of past MAA President Diane Newland, a letter that went out before the end of the year in 2017 raised $1,775 for our treasury. These generous Donors contributed:

Patrons – Randee and Jack Rathbone
Sponsor – Jackie Wilson
Sustainers – Diane and Geoff Browne, Russell Freeman, Dian and Bob Newland, Mark Nicholas, Leslie Slaughter, and Roy and Karen Williamson

We thank these Donors for their support!

The Membership Drive for 2018 includes the various levels of membership support. (See the link below).

Membership Form

Calendar of Events

  • February 6th & 8th
    MAA’s two-day Figure Painting workshop will be taught by Michael Hubbard at Midland College. Contact Olga Nedorub for complete details. If you email her, please enter “Figure
    Painting” in the subject line. Her direct phone line at work is (432) 818-1135 and her cell line is (941) 421-6186. Email Olga at: nedorub@mail.ru The cost of the workshop is $40 for MAA Members, and $50 for non-members.
  • March 3rd
    One of the popular Wine & Paint events will be held on this Saturday from 10a.m. till Noon at the Palette Club. It will be $15 for MAA Members; $30 for nonmembers, but FREE for  anyone who joins the MAA at the event! Contact Sue Daniel to RSVP or for more info at artsmartpermian@gmail.com
  • March 29th
    The next Opening for Midland Shared Spaces is Thursday evening 3/29/18 from 5:30 till 7p.m. Sue Daniels curates the artists who represent the MAA in these shows.


Midland Arts Association Fall 2017 Newsletter

MAA 40th Annual Fall Juried Art Exhibition

The Opening Reception for this year’s Fall Exhibition will be held Thursday evening on October 12th from 6:30 till 8:30p.m. in the McCormick Gallery at Midland College.  The Juror for the show is Chad Plunkett of Lubbock. Born in Denedin, New Zealand, Chad is the Director of the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock, and he creates his own artistic works in paint, steel, wood, paper and a variety of other materials. Juror Plunkett will do a talk in the McCormick Gallery at 2:00 p.m. on October 7th.  It is open to everyone.

Submission guidelines

Members and non-members of the Midland Arts Association will find the entry prospectus online at our website: www.maatx.org or you obtain a printed copy when you check in your
artwork on Saturday, October 7th, from 10a.m. until 2p.m. MAA makes a 20% commission on
all sales from the exhibition, and selected works must remain on display for the duration of the
show; no exceptions. Instructions for sending works via commercial carrier can be seen in the prospectus.

Accepted media

Categories for artwork include: Ceramics, sculpture, glass, drawing, graphics, painting, fiber, photography, and mixed media. Several cash awards will be presented at the Juror’s designation.  Entry fees are $30 for current MAA Members which allows for three works to be entered. The entry fee is $45 for non-members (also for three entries per person). Two dimensional works must be properly prepared to hang on the wall.  The Exhibition runs through November 10th.

Shared Spaces Show Exhibiting Artworks

Artworks are on display in a new rotation by artists from Midland Arts Association, the Midland Palette Club, MARC, and the Sibley Camera Club through November at Midland Shared Spaces, 3500 N. “A” Street.  The artists exhibiting on the ground floor include photographer Geoff Browne, and painters Brad King, Dee Kemp, and Carol Henson. The MARC artists are Wayne
Crisp, Susan Clancy, Ginny Griffin, and an “all clients” painting.  Upstairs the exhibitors are: Aaron Bedell, Lisa Frosch, Sue Roberson, Shanker Nair, Olga Nedorub, Sue Daniel, Liz Culp,
photographers Bob and Diane Newland, April Dickerson, and Jean Hoelscher.  Sue Daniel, the MAA representative to Shared Spaces says, “The rotations happen four times a year, and the opportunity is available to any local nonprofit art group.”  To contact Sue, phone (432) 438-0848.

Photographer Geoff Browne and his artist wife Diane enjoy the Shared Spaces Opening with MAA volunteer Sue Daniel who curated the event.

Demonstration September 23rd of Ceramics at Midland College

Ceramist Jesse Trejo presented an informative and well prepared demonstration of his work with clay in the Midland College Ceramics Classroom on Saturday morning, September 23rd.. Those attending really had an enjoyable learning experience. This presentation was arranged by Leslie Slaughter, a well known glass artist and the MAA Program Chair.

Ceramist Jesse Trejo sculpts a design pattern into one of his newly created works.

Jesse makes some of his own tools and over the years has learned many special methods of
working which he shared at the demonstration.

Calendar of Events

  • October 7th
    Drop-off day at MCC for entries to MAA Fall Show
  • October 9 -13
    Ken Hosmer Workshop presented by the Midland Palette Club (see their website at
    www.paletteclubmidland.com for complete details).
  • October 10
    Meeting and a free demo by watercolorist Ken Hosmer at the Midland Palette Club starting
    at 9:30 a.m.
  • October 12
    Opening Reception for the 40th Annual MAA Fall Show 6:30 p.m. till 8:30 p.m. in the Allison
    Fine Arts Bldg. Midland College
  • October 18
    Fused Glass Workshop by Leslie Slaughter, 6 – 9 p.m. at the Palette Club. Cost $45 Contact:
  • November 6
    Watercolor Workshop by Ken Rowland. $50 at the Palette Club. See website for details
    at www.paletteclubmidland.com
  • November 10
    Last day of the MAA Fall Show at Midland College
  • November 14th
    Meeting and Free Demo of the Palette Club with Tim Oliver, watercolorist from Lubbock.
    9:30 a.m. until noon

The display artists for the downtown Community National Bank Lobby

Located at 401 W. Texas Avenue, corner of Big Spring St.

Till September 30th – Diane Browne is exhibiting
In October – Brad King will be on display
During November – Sue Daniel will show her work
In December – Jean Leeper Hoelscher will exhibit
To get on the exhibition schedule, contact Diane Newland
by phone: 694-0565 or email: bkdrn@grandecom.net

Opportunities for artists to meet and learn are offered by the Midland Arts Association throughout the year.

* Exhibition opportunities are varied and open to everyone. MAA Members get a reduced
rate when there is a fee involved.

* Demonstrations of a variety of media give artists a chance to consider new methods.

* Social settings, such as the popular Wine & Paint venues, the Plein Air paint outs, and this
past summer’s live model drawing events, help artists expand their work and get to know each

* Sharing information with and about other arts organizations informs MAA Members of the
community of the arts in the Permian Basin.

Parting Shots

Mike Richardson, the Chairman of the Ceramics Department at Midland College, stands with Jesse Trejo after the demonstration on September 23rd.

John and Carol Kullman visit with Diane and Bob Newland at the Shared Spaces opening on September 14th.

Guests view the works on display at Shared Spaces.

Guests view the works on display at Shared Spaces.

Fall Exhibit at The Gallery at Midland Shared Spaces

The Arts Council of Midland and Midland Shared Spaces
Invite you to the Fall Exhibit at

The Gallery
at Midland Shared Spaces

Featuring pieces by artists from
Midland Arts Association, Palette Club of Midland, MARC, & Sibley Camera Club

Join us for a wine and cheese reception
September 14, 2017 ~ 5:30p-7:00p ~ 3500 North A Street

The Fall Opening of The Gallery at Midland Shared Spaces is made possible by the generous support of Apache {Exploring What’s Possible}

The Gallery at Midland Shared Spaces is a collaboration between Midland Shared Spaces and the art associations of Midland

Summer Drawing Club

This is an event held approximately every 2 weeks in the Summer.  There will be an opportunity to draw a live model on stage w/ studio lights.  There is no instruction, just an evening of drawing. 

When?  The first event will be Tuesday June 13th from 6-8:30pm.  Other dates:

                                                Tuesday June  27th

                                                Tuesday July  11

                                                Tuesday July  25

                                                Tuesday August  8

Where?  Midland Art Center  921 W. Wadley.  It’s actually on a tiny road off Wadley, across from the Palate Club and behind the Young Life Center.  

Cost?  The fee will be $20 to cover the cost of the facility and the model fee.

What to bring?  There will be stand up easels at the Center and tables.  You will need to bring all your drawing supplies and paper.   

What to expect:  There will be someone in charge of timing poses and rest breaks.  The first model will be clothed.  The June 27th event will have nude figure drawing.  The other events have not be organized but may include an evening of portrait drawing.

There will also be a later notice from the Midland Arts Association about these events.

If there are specific questions, email Rick Reese: igor9115a@gmail.com

Reminder of upcoming events!

  • Printmaking Workshop, May 13, 2017 at Midland College with Dragan Sherman
  • Artwork Pick-up date for the MAA Spring Show @ Kamiposi is May 27, 2017, 10:00am-2:00pm
  • Figure Drawing Workshop, May 30, 2017 at Midland College with Michael Hubbard
  • Networking and Your Art, June 5, 2017 at The Palette Club with Sara Drescher

Networking and Your Art / MAA Spring Show at Kamiposi

View flyer here: Networking and Your Art

The Midland Arts Association presents
“Networking and Your Art” with Sara Drescher
Monday, June 5th at 6:00p.m.
at the Palette Club, 907 W. Wadley
This is a free event. Contact Leslie.Slaughter@gmail.com if you have questions.
_ _ _ _ _ _
And remember… The 2017 Spring Show is Open through May 26th at Kamiposi Gallery
510 S. Big Spring
Please note: Kamiposi is only open on Friday evenings from 6:00pm till 9:00p.m.
So the remaining dates in May are May 12th, May 19th and May 26th for viewing.
To reach Kamiposi, drive south on Big Spring and go under the railroad underpass. Immediately turn right and park nearby.
The main entrance to Kamiposi faces east onto Big Spring Street.